The statutory responsibilities of the Ministry are:

  • Development of tourism, arts and culture policy and programmes.

  • Development and packaging of arts and culture and tourism

  • Articulation of state culture and tourism festival calendar.

  • Responsible for culture exchange programme (National/International)

  • Creation and management of state museum

  • conduct of AKFEST/participation in NAFEST

  • Supervision of council for arts and culture, the Millennium band and the Hotel and Tourism Board.

  • Oversight functions over Ibom Plaza.

  • Liaison with Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

  • Establishment of culture and tourism centre.

  • Identification of the tourism attractions/sites in the state and encouragement of their development.

  • Creation of tourism awareness among citizenry.

  • Encouragement of private sector participation in the development of tourism.

  • Preservation of culture heritage and historical monuments

  • Generating of employment and foreign exchange earnings through domestic and international tourism